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2007’s Gone? Holy Crap!

Posted in Uncategorized by tomkobombco on January 1, 2008

So, it came, it went, but nevertheless, 2007 was a HUGE year for us…

1) Mike Cracchiolo and I, along with the help of some great friends, started up The Bluebird back in July. Our goal was to create an artist-centric venue to try and remake St. Louis a can’t-miss touring spot for all of the wonderful national bands who have made such a bad habit of skipping the Lou.

We have had a fantastic time so far and in such a short time our stage has been lucky enough to have been graced by Ladybug Transistor, Bound Stems, Roman Numerals, Bears, The Undoing of David Wright, The Valley Arena, Pretty & Nice, Candliers, One For The Team, Hi Five, Terra Diablo, Deals Gone Bad, Unwed Sailor, The Foundry Field Recordings, Mathematicians, Dropsonic, Architects, The Wildbirds, The Disappeared, Elsinore, The Makes Nice, Stingrays, Witch’s Hat, Bomb The Music Industry, The Lemurs, We Vs The Shark, Adam Franklin, Scouts Honor, Low Red Land, State Radio, Casados, Jacob Tyler Wolfgang, The Start, Captured By Robots!, The Teddy Bear Orchestra, Das Kapital, Head of Femur, Bald Eagle, Agnostic Front, Traindodge, Self-Evident, The Drams, Southeast Engine, Casper & The Cookies, The Poison Control Center, Headlights, The Forms, Olympic Size, Valella Valella, Shipwreck, Saturday Looks Good To Me, Delta Spirit, Bring Back The Guns, Big Sky Blue Earth, D Numbers, Stevedore, The Shondes, The Koffin Kats, Roma 79 + a wealth of the best bands that St. Louis has to offer.

We also have had the pleasure to host CD Release parties for The Bureau, Shame Club, Riddle of Steel, Victoria and The Ghost of The Forest.

The Bluebird was named Best Place To See Local Music in St. Louis by The Riverfront Times for 2007. No pressure for 2008, right?!?!

Look for a lot of great NEW things from The Bluebird in the coming year!


2) Our series of annual events were all a GIGANTIC success!

The Indie Rock Ice Cream Social

Seriously, Indie Kids, Beer, and Ice Cream DO go together!! This year’s IRICS was amazing. It featured Gentleman Auction House, Jumbling Towers, Canada (Ann Arbor, MI) and Caleb Travers & Big City Lights with a crowd of over 300 people packed up against the stage enjoying the delectable treats provided by local St. Louis Ice Cream company, Serendipity.

*Our favorite Ann Arbor based band, Canada, had such a great time at the IRICS that they made a Live Album out of a recording of the show. Read more about it here!

An Under Cover Weekend

Ok, so here is the premise… 10 of St. Louis’ best bands all assumed the identity of a famous band for one night. 5 bands played each evening and we kept their tributes a secret all the way up until the day before, when the RFT spilled the beans.

Night 1:

Shame Club as Deep Purple
Sex Robots as Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
Heroes of The Kingdom as Cheap Trick
The Hibernauts as The Kinks
Robb Steele as The Beastie Boys

*check out Dividing By Zero and A to Z’s review of Night 1

Night 2:

7 Shot Screamers as The Beatles (Ringo songs only)
The Bureau as Duran Duran
Ghost In Light as The Cure,
The Feed as The Clash
Fattback as The Cars

*check out Dividing By Zero and A to Z’s review of Night 2

Expect a lot from An Under Cover Weekend in 2008! We are expanding it to two full weekends and are going to showcase hits from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s with each decade having their own night! Stay tuned.

A Very Merry Christmas Spectacular

In its third year we decided to take AVMCS up a notch and expand it to two nights. On top of that, we also partnered with VIDEOLOGY from Columbia, MO to wrap Off Broadway in video screens for both VJ sets and visualizations/camera footage for each of the bands.

Over 500 people attended the weekend long event and the first night featured The Bureau, The Hibernauts, Witch’s Hat (Columbia, MO), and The Makeshift Gentlemen, while the second night included So Many Dynamos, Gentleman Auction House, Light Pollution (Dekalb, IL), and Laite.

AVMCS was sponsored by Vintage Vinyl, KDHX 88.1FM, Apples & Cats Media, Dividing By Zero & and check out the LOVE that we got from The Riverfront Times, Dividing By Zero,, MusicSucks, 52nd City, Highway 61 (Revised), and iChannel!!!

This was seriously way too much fun. Oh yeah, and the confetti cannons were a fun surprise!


By the way, 2007 was a big year for TBC with regards to the RFT “Best Of” awards, with The Bluebird and Gentleman Auction House taking home honors, we also won for Best Local Concert of The Past 12 Months for The Hibernauts CD Release Party at Off Broadway!

We packed over 365 people into the sweaty, over-stuffed room last July and everyone has been talking about it since.

We also had a lot of fun putting on The Spring Equinox 2007 Rally, the Sialia Sialis artshow at The Bluebird and many, many more concerts around St. Louis.


– We had the best time in 2007. Thanks so much to everyone who helped put on an event (especially Steve Kozel, Mike Cracchiolo, and Jeff York!), paid for admission, or selflessly helped us to promote! We love you all and are very much looking forward to an even bigger 2008.

Love, Mike